L’antica essenza del teatro

"Teatrino di don CristÚbal"

"farsa guignolesca"

by Federico GarcÏa Lorca



Dino Mariani


After the "mistical" experience of the "Via Crucis", the new proposal of the "Musices Officina" is definitely

oriented to the standard of "goliardia" which well combines with the surreal-popular spirit of the "Teatrino

of Don CristÚbal" by Federico Garcia Lorca.

In this work ("farsa guignolesca") the author, through the poet's words, underlines the universal spirit

of the puppets and joining Don CrisÚbal the Andalusian with various masks from different countries, there

he identifies "L'antica essenza del Teatro", hence the title of the proposed work.

Well, this universality of theatrical language is the opportunity to be musically inspired to the most

varied genres from different places and ages,as to equally express the intrinsic universality of the musical

language that surmounts any division for genres imposed on our listening.

And so the whole musical system takes shape from a continuous dialogue between instrumental pieces and

"opera" scenes, like a theater in the theater, on one stage, with "rock" quotations, "ethnic flavours",

"oneiric irony","opera intermezzo", "extemporaneous creativity", and all "stuffed" with "divertissements"

with a "pop, rock, jazz, blues" character.