With "INFINITY", where the music blends classical ,pop and progressive rock tastes, since I never stopped to listen with pleasure, besides Bach, Wagner and Stravinsky, the music of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Devis, Peter Hammill...now, in the 2007, I wondered what could be still done in "pop" ambit,without falling into the usual, heated, poetic-musical soup.

The answer came to me by the Gregorian Chant, indisputable "voice of the soul" and root of our musical culture that has always inspired composers from the most varied backgrounds.

So, here "INFINITY".The interaction of various styles and genres with the "song of the Soul. The rest is all in the irrational imaginary which the listening moment leads to.

1 Heavenly Heaven.mp3     Video 2 Nativity.mp3               Video
3 Mother.mp3                  Video
4 Flowers.mp3                     Video 5 Sacrifice.mp3              Video
6 Sleep Angel.mp3           Video
7 Heavenly Door.mp3          Video 8 Infinity.mp3                 Video 9 Joy.mp3                         Video

Video:     Demo      Backstage