Founded and directed by Dino Mariani, it was born with the intent to create a sort

of "workshop of the reinassance" where, around a multidisciplinary project,

creativity and teamwork converge.

Inspired to the concept of "musice", various arts taken together, it has produced, in more than a decade of activity, performances that have involved composers, instrumentalists, singers, poets, actors, dancers, painters, multimedial artists, set-designers, directors.

Among the more recent and meaningful realizations: an Oratory "Via Crucis" on text by Pietro Metastasio, for soloists, chorus, instrumental group, mimes, actors and multimedial scenographies, where the musics,original, range between ancient and contemporary flavours;a work with comic-grotesque character, "L'antica essenza del teatro", taken from the "Teatrino di Don CristÛbal" by Federico Garcia Lorca,for soloists, chorus, chamber orchestra with rock and jazz groups, actors and dancers, where the music, also here original, inspires to the eighteenth century theater, contemporary music, rock, jazz, blues ...

The performance "Su e gi&Mac249; per il Novecento attraverso Musica, Poesia, Colori, Danza" for voices, large ensemble, dancers, actors and multimedial images with original and twentieth century music and poetry

Everything always looking for that universality which the music itself expresses, trying to overcome the forced classification for genres which our listening is normally accustomed to.